The Stadion

Free to move

The On-The-Spot Headset

Stadion is the performance-ready headset designed to t as seamlessly as a faithful aerobics leotard. With its light and stretchy body, and no cords attached, Stadion adapts to everything, from the unique shape of your head to your most intense workouts. With one less distraction in your headspace, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your workout into the zone.



Meet your perfect t team—Stretchy
coils adapt to the shape of your head, and EarClick technology ensures your earbuds stay rmly in place inside your ears.


Bluetooth ready for cord-free listening and hands-free calls. A single charge gives up to 7 hours of playback time. Use the hidden micro USB port to recharge like a pro.


With all the buttons you need around back, there’s no reason to slow down. Use the 3-button control to click through your playlist, adjust volume, and pick up calls.


Sweat bravely in the dark. Built-in re ectors keep you extra visible during late night runs and 3am walks with the dog.


Plug the headphone into a USB power source using the micro USB cable. 2 hours charge gives approximately 7 hours of playback at medium volume. A full charge gives 7 hours of playtime. 


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