Get ready for a poppin' new wave of pastels this Spring/Summer 2016, with newcomers Caribbean, Camellia and Malibu. These colour ways are a time capsule of sticky bubblegum memories, teenage flirtation, and sand-in-hair beach life. Intensely flattering on the headphone and you, they're designed to pop against sun-smooched skin and set your mood to play. 

Camellia is your shade when its time to cruise the tide pool and show off your summer tan. Grab a friend to wander barefoot with as you hunt for seastars, hotties, and other mysteries washed up on shore. Pause and refuel with pop classics and melty peach popsicles. Shake off sand. Repeat. Don't stop until the sun goes down... or until your mom calls you in for dinner.

This swimming pool blue was made for classic suburban summer days and spontaneous escapes for the nearest beach. Think early morning neighbourhood jogs, backyard barbecues, and fresh cut green grass. The day is as long as your favourite playlist can carry you. When the concrete gets too hot to handle, a refreshing dip in the salty waves is only a lazy bike ride away.

Long tropical coasts, deep turquoise seas... Here's a shade that calls upon your inner, underwater-dwelling creature. Submerge yourself in the low-key vibes of boat life. Or hit the sand and charm your way through winning games of beach volleyball and sweaty reagge dance parties. But please don't wear your headphones underwater. Nobody needs to get that carried away.


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